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Paying the Price for Safety Infographic

Key Recommendations

Paying the Price for Safety Symposium:
Public safety personnel, moral injury, and the COVID-19 pandemic

This virtual symposium discusses the experiences of Canadian public safety personnel (PSP) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This two-hour event features:

  • Research updates from our project (Dr. Charlotte Henson) and panel discussions with well-respected Canadian researchers Dr. Andrea Brown (McMaster University), Dr. Rose Ricciardelli (Memorial University), and Dr. Joy MacDermid (Western University)

  • A fireside chat with PSP guests including fire, police, and paramedic dispatch personnel

  • Live Q&A with audience, panelists, and guests

Being a Public Safety Personnel Videos

Being a police officer during COVID:
"When that 911 call comes in, who else is going to go?"

Being a corrections officer during COVID:
"We put ourselves last. We put everybody around us first"

How it felt to lead paramedics during the COVID-19 pandemic:
"Doing the same is not the option"

Being a paramedic during COVID: "When I quit, it felt like I had woken up from a nightmare"

Fighting fires during COVID: "When you see someone, you don’t necessarily know they are struggling"

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