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Summary: This project is a registered control trial investigating the effectiveness of Goal Management Training (GMT) cognitive remediation therapy among public safety personnel in Ontario who have been impacted by trauma. Participants are assigned either to the GMT treatment group, or our active control condition, consisting of psychosocial education. Each group receives 9 weeks of virtual group therapy sessions, occurring once per week, for two hours each session. In addition, participants complete neuropsychological testing and symptom self-reports at four points throughout the study: pre-treatment, post-treatment, and at 3 and 6 month follow-up time points. The study team will analyze any neuropsychological, functional, and symptomalogical changes in order to determine the effectiveness of GMT therapy among this population.

Funding: WSIB, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Lead: Heather Millman

Team: Margaret McKinnon (PI), Ruth Lanius (Co-PI), Heather Millman, Krysta Andrews, Sherain Harricharan, Isaac Beech, Brahm Sanger, Charlene O'Connor

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